Southern New Hampshire University

Languages: Proficient in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Java, .Net and Python.Adobe Suite: Selenium, Software Testimg

Key Courses Include:

IT 511: Object Oriented Application Development 

IT 633: Mobile Application Development 

​IT 632: Software Design & Modeling 

IT 650: Principles of Database Design

IT 640: Telecommunications and Networks

IT 634: Distributed App Development


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Immersive Quality  Engineering Program Powered by Cognizant 

Throughout this 12- week program this course, we learned  the basics of Big Data and Hadoop technologies through hands-on classroom activities, case studies and more. We also learned how to  extract, scrub and manipulate real-time and warehouse data using SQL & Java, properly define a problem and design tests that yield valid solutions, and prepare large sets of data for effective and efficient use by analysts. 

The program strengthened my skills in expose you to the following technologies: Java, Oracle DB, Shell Scripting, SDLC and Coding Practices, JDBC, Excel (ODBC), Data Modeling and Warehousing, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Data Transfer (Sqoop), Pig and Hive.



Drexel University College of Nursing and Health 

Attended for 2nd Degree BSN Program 15' (Non-Degree) 

Key Courses Include:

BIO211: Human Anatomy/Physiology I/II

CHEM113: Chemistry I/II

FCS112: Introduction to Nutrition

PSY106: Human Growth/Development 

BIO222: Microbiology

NURS221: Concepts of Pathophysiology in Nursing

NURS121: Relationship Based Nursing Practice



University of Vermont    

Graduate from the University of Vermont 12' 

Bachelor of Arts

Major: Sociology

Major: Business Administration


Key Courses Include:

SOC122: Women & Gender in Society

SOC014: Deviance & Social Control

SOC272: Sociology of African Societies

SOC296: Sociology of Education

SOC154: Sociology Org of Death & Dying

SOC019: Race Relations in the US

BSAD121: Employee Recruitment & Selection

BSAD120: Mgmt & Organizational Behavior

BSAD60: Financial Accounting

BSAD61: Managerial Accounting

BSAD132: Political Environment of Business



Christopher Columbus High School - Bronx, NY



I learned the value of practice and drive. I started off my first year to an losing streak, to an undefeated PSAL title. 

Sophomore, Junior, Senior Stats

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